AI Video in Your Marketing Campaign

The algorithms, which become sophisticated by artificial intelligence (AI), enable the development of video and written content according to the needs, feelings, and desires of the customers. Advertising companies and agencies often use AI-based data collection tools to deliver content to a wider audience and to tailor content to customers' personal interests. AI technologies can perform tasks such as video creation, publishing, collecting user feedback and analyzing data simultaneously. Testable and reconfigure videos greatly increase the impact of marketing campaigns. You can take a close look at the 10 details that will explain why AI videos should be used in marketing campaigns.

1. Real-time Update

Professionals who use artificial intelligence effectively in marketing campaigns can instantly observe customer responses. This way, they can easily track the pros and cons of the ad campaign and make the necessary changes concurrently.

2. Personalized Marketing

Featuring advanced personalization, AI videos can define a video based on users' search history, online habits or interests. AI videos can reform this information into interactive advertising and contents that speaks to target audiences.

3. Advanced AI Analytics

AI analytics provides a practical way to bring the brand to the forefront of the customer's lifestyle. Interactive videos that reinforce customer loyalty can be created in a specific format or designed in a customizable form. Thanks to AI videos, custom messages and greetings may be set up to be suitable for special days such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

4. Versatile Analysis of Viewers

If viewers stop watching the video at a certain point, some abbreviations or adjustments may be made at that point. Same way; sentences, slogans, dialogues, ad music and voices can also be reconfigured according to users' viewing habits.

5. Social Media Integration

Millions of videos are watched every day from social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. Integrating the video content to be used in the advertising campaign into social media platforms brings many advantages for advertisers. AI analytics, which help to convey more effective messages in less time, can also be used to improve and monitor social media contents.

6. Measurable Content

Measurable data partaking from the ad videos directly affects the outcome of future content. The success of a video taken for advertising campaign can be easily measured by AI analysis. If a particular video has worked well in the past, the collected data indicates that it is effective in the final result. Simultaneous feedbacks such as clickthrough rate or total tracking time can be followed up quickly.

7. Productive Algorithm Usage

Popular video hosting platforms evaluate users' habits and search details together with complex algorithms. Following the data analysis process, artificial intelligence provides suggestions and guidance to the users in accordance with the necessary tags and definitions.

8. Efficient Advertising with Limited Budget

Using AI video in marketing campaign minimizes hosting and advertising costs and enabling indirect search.

9. Building Emotional Bonds with Content

New AI algorithms allow voiced and visual content to evolve in a structure that can appeal to people's feelings. AI Content that seems to speak directly to the user, makes it easier to get feedback on sales.

10. Unpredictable Development of Artificial Intelligence

The majority of marketing experts believe that AI video ads and interactive video applications will be the most important data initiatives for years to come. The rapid rise of AI-supported video marketing methods seems to obsolete general marketing trends.
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