If you were handed with an option for more control over a situation, wouldn’t you take it? I’m pretty sure you would. That’s the power at the heart of interactive videos. But what is interactive video exactly?

Interactive video transforms the linear storytelling arc by letting viewers control and take the story where they want it to go. We are in the driver’s seat when it comes to gathering knowledge and information. The forms interactive video can take are limitless. You can give your viewers quizzes, control over viewing perspective, gamified content, clickable menus and interactive storylines that let them choose their own adventure. Gone are the days where you have to stick to a passive video. As powerful as video is, and as much as we love it, it is just one-size-fits-all content. It’s a passive viewing experience. And we live in the age where the audience are no longer passive audience. We want interaction. We have become a global population of interactive users.

Interactive video offers a new world of opportunities. What matters is you are in control of these possibilities. In this episode, we have put together some of the best ways you can turn passive videos into a more powerful learning tool by taking an in-depth look why businesses and other sectors use interactive video to engage, inspire, and authentically tell their story to the audience.

You can always leverage your videos whether you are using them in variety of contexts such as gamification, e-learning, e-commerce, marketing, advertising, shopping, and entertainment. Today’s audience always expects a dynamic experience that’s engaging and relevant. This is the age of personalized experiences.

Create personalized experiences that increase engagement, enhance learning, and boost conversion.