If you are a marketer, then it is evident that you must be seeking for every other way to represent your promotional strategies in the most captivating way. The fact is undeniable that video marketing is a handy tool for marketers to easily reach out to their target audience and as well as increase their revenue.                        

Cinema8 Blog - Top 9 Tips for Social Media Video You Must Know in 2020

Video marketing strategies can become even more powerful when they are utilised on social media platforms. It is true that social media podiums have become a very useful and profitable platform for everyone. It is not only there to keep people connected with their loved ones, but it is also very valuable for connecting brands to their target audience.

Tips for Social Media Videos

Since there is a high significance of social media and the best way to promote you on social media, podiums are to utilise the videos. Every other brand or business is nowadays getting benefits of the social media platforms in bringing their business on top by carrying out their promotional plans in the video format.

There is certainly no doubt to the fact that social media videos can be really beneficial for you. However, it is mandatory that you must be aware of all the essential tips for social media videos to create and use them effectively for your business.

We have gathered and discussed some of the most highlighted tips for social media videos that you can study and further implement.

1.    Plan Your Social Media Video Marketing Strategy in Advance 

It should not shock you that the number 1 tip for this article is to plan or, at the end of the day, organise your social media video promoting technique. Making a perfect strategy is imperative so as to build up a decent story, so you have to organise this progression.

Arranging your video showcasing system ahead of time will permit you to create compelling substance and make your campaign considerably more effective.

It is important that you have knowledge about the critical points that precisely is associated with the planning stage.

Research about the audience, accumulating ideas, content strategy, and budget plan. Delivering a top-notch video is not a simple task as it seems to be. However, planning everything makes it much simpler.

2.    Recount to a Compelling Story

Insightful narrating that summons ground-breaking feelings is in the core of each successful social media video. Stories are significant in light of the fact that they stir profound feelings in individuals, and that is actually what you need to do with your audience.

The intensity of narrating is plainly found in most of the promotional videos these days. The video tends to focus around an autonomous and certain character or product that further shows the relation to other characters of the story in order to lead the story adequately. Any such advertisement touches the hearts of its audience, yet in addition, splendidly advances the organisation.

On the off chance that you need to accomplish extraordinary outcomes with your videos, take a shot at your narrating. Appropriate narrating will take your videos to the next level, bringing your image stunningly better results.

3.    Utilise the First Couple of Moments Wisely

In 2015, Time magazine referred to an examination distributed by Microsoft that shows a human being's ability to focus is currently shorter than that of a goldfish. It claims individuals lose their concentration after around eight seconds, and you can wager that number is even lower now and even tends to go down when a new year approach.

Social media abbreviated our abilities to focus, and now, as promoters, we are a few seconds away from our audience choosing to proceed onward from our content.

That is the reason you need to utilise an initial couple of moments of your social media video carefully. It is vital that the starting few seconds should catch watchers' consideration and urge them to watch the video until the end.

Once a year, Google represents the world's "Year in Search" through a short video. Directly from the earliest starting point, the video grabs the eye of its watchers and urges them to continue viewing.

It is required for you to ensure that your video introduction is particularly charming. It should leave individuals with a feeling of interest concerning what could occur straightaway.

Likewise, give exceptional consideration to the presentation from the earliest starting point of your video creation process, it will assist you with creating incredible video content that drives positive results.

4.    Concentrate on the Quality of Your Social Media Video

It is implied that quality matters more than quantity, and it is the same with regards to social media and videos.

As referenced previously, catching your crowd's eye is significant, however keeping it is considerably progressively significant. You need the individuals to completely devour your videos, and the best way to get them to do that is to make a social media video that is pressed with top-notch content.

With regards to videos, the main standard is quality over quantity. Things like turning into a web sensation do not occur with low-quality videos, so it is essential to concentrate on this progression. Also, we are not simply discussing video quality (1080p), it is about the general message — narrating, mind, and most importantly, the purpose.

Through many videos on the social media platform, it has been proved that the videos can be fun, simple and high definition. In most of the videos that people put on their stories on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp, the makers featured the everyday moments with short stories by consolidating various occasions and imagination. Their motivation was to advance the application's stories highlight, and they worked admirably by showing rather than telling.

Since numerous brands are attempting to drive content without putting much time into it, even a little exertion can effectively put you in the game.

5.    Keep Your Video Content Short

This point ties in superbly with the area above: keeping it short by eliminating every single part that seems to be in excess. It is the initial move towards a great video. With the capacity to focus going downhill, it is imperative for your videos to be filled uniquely with the most relevant and highly engaging content, with no fillers.

To be completely honest, a great many people do not have the time to watch your twenty minutes long social media video. They are there to devour short and brisk data that can be investigated further if necessary.

That is the reason your videos ought to be utilised distinctly as a "snare" to catch the consideration, share a message, and get your watchers to catch up on it (more on that later!).

Would you be able to spread an incredible message through a short video? There are many renowned brands whose videos show how simplicity and the correct content can have any kind of effect regardless of whether it just takes 30 seconds.

Attempt to make your videos as short as could be expected under the circumstances, cutting every single pointless part and keeping just the most important and greatest substance for your social media page.

6.    Do Not Forget to Use Subtitles

Subtitles have a significant effect on videos, not just for the foreign audience whose local language is not English or those who face difficulty in hearing. Truly, such individuals will consistently be a piece of your crowd, yet captions will have an immense effect on your local crowd, as well. 

The greatest advantage of using subtitles is that they make the video simpler to expend. You are likewise going to get a great deal of appreciation from all the non-local English speakers just as hearing impeded clients.

Another immense motivation behind why you should utilise subtitles in your video content is identified with the way videos auto-play on social media.

For instance, Facebook videos consequently start on the quiet – this implies you do not get a chance to catch the eye of your crowd with amazing words except if they turn on the sound. Captions will assist you with conveying the desired information, regardless of whether the video is muted or not.

7.    Use Animations

One of the latest and ground-breaking inclines in social media video promoting is the utilisation of animations. You have likely run over one of those animated videos that grabbed your eye and clarified the theme in a clear manner. Animated videos are turning out to be increasingly famous, and they are likely going to overwhelm in the coming years.

What makes animated videos so incredible is their capacity to take complex points and imagine them in a reasonable, enlightening, and connecting way.

For instance, Facebook's animated video obviously shows that it is so critical to help a companion out of luck and partake in suicide avoidance. The video presents various ways of how individuals can help and which tools they can utilise.

Through an astute utilisation of animations, you can flavour up your videos and make them all the more speaking to the watchers.

8.    Think about Your Platform of Choice

Picking the correct social media stage can, to a great extent, add to your video's prosperity. Every social media stage has diverse video prerequisites; something you should remember when fabricating your social media video showcasing procedure.

For instance, in case you are going to post your video on Instagram, you have to ensure it is inside the platform's 60 seconds video length limit.

Facebook, then again, permits videos that are as long as 240 minutes in length, which shows that you will every so often need to re-alter your videos to fit the norms of a particular platform.

9.    Incorporate a Call-to-Action

The last tip for your social media video achievement is to incorporate a source of inspiration. Even though social media is tied in with driving changes, numerous brands despite everything fall flat at this basic step. An extraordinary video is inconsequential in the event that it does exclude an amazing source of inspiration assisting with meeting your business destinations.

Recall that your CTA (Call to Action) should not be too sales-centred and that it needs to point your crowd towards changing over.

After somebody watches your astounding video, they are in urgent need of accurate direction. They need to be determined what to do and where to go instantly, and you should offer them an exact response.

It is important to include a robust CTA at the end of the videos. After all, you have had invest a lot of efforts and time in creating the high definition content. It would be best if you would make most of it!


Interactive video,

Interactive video is a new way to create your videos impressive. 

Interactive videos are all the way set up to enhance the user experience by giving them the opportunity to select their own adventures and make decisions for their entertainment preferences. Many global media service providers like Netflix has been working on this strategy to provide users with the luxurious experience of their life.  Lets watch a good example of interactive video below.