Tools To Use lnstead Of Teleprompter

Creating digital video content, whether for your YouTube channel or any other purpose and looking like an expert, is not easy. Beyond mastering the subject, you must learn to create an optimal, reliable, safe, and quality scenario for your followers. Something that helps is to have a script and help you with your mobile or computer to have your own autocue or teleprompter.

A teleprompter is a computer where the user displays the text to be pronounced to minimize errors and not leave out anything that is included in the script.

What is this? You should know that every show that is recorded live needs to have scripts so that the presenter, moderator, or host knows what they are going to say without making mistakes. It is used in television programs, events shows... and it is nothing more than a computer that shows what needs to be said, guiding whoever is going to speak at all times, who only has to read without being noticed too much.

The importance of creating audiovisual content within the marketing strategy, or for personal use, requires doing it well, without making mistakes or leaving out a single word, and for that, using a laptop and chair as a teleprompter helps considerably.

Often, the problem when making a video is the difficulty of linking a text naturally without too many hassles and other hesitations. However, in a sales page, for a promotional video, for a teaser. lt is essential to string together your texts without addiction to give confidence and have a professional look.

Ten tips For Using A Laptop And Chair As A Teleprompter Properly

If you decide to go for it, here are some tips for using a laptop and chair as a teleprompter:

1. You Have To Prepare The Text Beforehand And Write lt ln Detail

This makes it possible to clarify the speech, to get to the point, to respect the timing…without actually reading the text when you make the video.

Indeed, if you read the text while looking at the teleprompter nonstop, you will look quite weird. Thus, you have to look out of the teleprompter from time to time, and then come back to it.

To Note :

- lf your text is very long, in this case you cannot write everything verbatim and only need to write the detailed plan which will serve as a “guide”.

- Do not write a text in capitals either nor with large blocks. lt must be quick and easy to read, leave text and white space between the paragraphs.

- Print your text on paper in addition to the teleprompter, as this allows you to rehearse on the journey, or during a downtime.

- Do not read a text written by someone other than you. Indeed it would not be your words, your expressions. lf this is the case, rewrite the text by adding your expressions, your keywords..So that this text is yours!

2. You Have To Make Movements(hands…), And Play A Bit Of “Fun” (so as not to make your reading boring).

It is for example taking a break from time to time, smiling, making gestures; though without doing too much. Also, add a little silence after the key phrases, as this allows the audience to understand that something important happened and to memorize it.

However, be aware that your “energy” will not last for tens of minutes. Take breaks every 10 minutes, drink a coffee, sit down, etc.

Note: if it's an important speech, repeat it in front of a camera a day before, as it will give you an excellent training opportunity.

3. You Have To Repeat Your Text One Day Before Recording To See lf lt Sounds Good and lf The Sequences Are Good.

The goal is to check that everything is fluid, but also to memorize better. Indeed, your memory is fixed much better if you make a repetition while having your night's sleep. With this, the text will be memorized much better the next day. It's also best to sleep quite early, as being in good shape helps to limit problems of intonation, errors, etc.

4. Ask Someone To Be With You During The Filming

The point is that it can speed up or slow down the scrolling of the text if you improvise. This also helps to avoid cutting videos and cutting rushes.

5. Put Opinion And Passion ln Your Words

When using a laptop and chair as a teleprompter, you should not “read” your text, but speak as if you were talking to a friend. You must transmit energy, passion and desire. Also, try to smile, and be relaxed too.

shhoting video without teleprompter

6. Speak Slowly

When using a laptop and chair as a teleprompter, the big mistake is to want to read or speak quickly. But that's what will make you stutter over a word, or miss a transition. So speak much slower than usual, and force yourself to slow down, and repeat key words too.

Note: avoid shouting. Sometimes, we are tempted to shout because the camera is far away. This gives a little too much energy. So bring the camera closer to avoid speaking loudly by reflex.

7. Change The Words lf You Have Trouble Saying Them

Sometimes there are transitions, key words, or expressions which we come up against almost systematically. In this case, it's simple; modify the text in the teleprompter, and re-record!

8. Make A Cross On The Ground Where You Will Be Filmed

This allows you to keep consistency between your different recordings, and to avoid blurring.

To do this, use a post it note that you will stick to the ground.

Note; do not be too close to your camera either. Indeed if you are less than 2 m away, you will look at the teleprompter under the camera and so it will be weird. The good solution is to put your camera a little further and zoom.

9. Breathe Well Before Starting

Breathing is essential, otherwise you will find yourself out of breath after a few tens of seconds.

So take breaks, give yourself time to catch your breath. Remember that it is you who decides the pace of reading, and not the teleprompter which scrolls the text. If necessary, slow down the text.

10. Film Yourself Standing 

Indeed, you will perform better while standing than sitting on your sofa. You can do a couch video only if you want to make a more “intimate” and “softer” video.

Likewise, avoid making gestures like the “commentator” of a tennis match by looking to the right then to the left while reading your text. The key is to know your text beforehand so as not to have to read it, but only to use it as a support.

In all, if you want to record a video but you are afraid of forgetting your words, you can grab your laptop and chair and use it as a teleprompter.