There is mass video content available online, however, most of them are the same, but only interactive videos are drawing the most attention!

Therefore, to take interactive video platforms to another level, Cinema8 was born.

Cinema8 is designed as an online content-authoring platform based on Videos, which means a huge functional gap between cinema8 and the interactive video products in the field.

While competitors fundamentally change in each vertical industry, our capabilities stand top for all enterprises forming our core unique selling points.

What Makes Cinema8 a unique interactive platform? 

The answer is so simple, the term "interactive video" refers to a type of video in which viewers can interact with, control, and shape the story that is unfolding in front of them.

However, Cinema8 developed an extensive concept of interactivity with its capabilities.

Cinema8 is an enabler for further verticals that can be summed as follows:


Cinema8 provides the necessary development environment and game dynamics for the creation and distribution of gamified video content.

Movie making

We provide ready-to-use with multiple interactive film development widgets, video branching, hybrid use of 360 and linear videos, video branching, and conditional action triggers.

Marketing & Sales

Our Widget library will help enterprises to generate leads and it can be integrated into any business model.


Interactive videos help educational institutions develop face-to-face interactions without being in the same physical location.

Interactive video can be used in different question types, customizable form infrastructure, scorm, webhook, custom call back integrations, and ‘variable’ context to create data calculations.


The cinema8 platform is supported to develop AR video solutions in a short time with low budgets.


Thanks to the cinema8  drag&drop tool, it is easier than ever to add a button to your interactive video using Cinema8 elements Such as shoppable videos and easy integration models for the user Shopping baskets.

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Cinema8 can also be used in advertising by Monetizing video content & Creativity with C8 CloudTV & integrate your content into any Adserver solution.   

Enterprise video delivery

The Platform is supported to secure content with high-performance video delivery CDN enriched with video development tools, Live Streaming, and OTT.

 What is the story behind Number 8? 

Naming the platform Cinema8 has its own story, it begins with the fact that the Number (8) is a true notion of the six arts (which were determined in the ancient Greek period).

There are six main divisions of Greek art and it reflected a spirited native talent that developed into a unique aesthetic expression as follows:

  1. art: Painting and sculpture*
  2. art: Music*
  3.  art: Theater*
  4.  art: Dance*
  5.  art: Literature*
  6.  art: Structure* 

    And then Modernity carried numbers 7 and 8,

  7. art: Cinema*
  8. art: Cinema8 – Interactive, and Immersive Media.

Accordingly, Cinema8 has turned it into an In Video-Software development environment that offers unlimited development opportunities by integrating different technologies and started to be used in research and development projects.

Still, wondering about the Cinema8 platform and interactive video?

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