Practical Tips for Building a Studio for Your Video Series 

If you want to have an excellent video series only a camera is not enough itself also a good planning and a good publicity, for your videos' quality - and Building a Studio can save you in this regard!

Today with so much content available on the internet for free, to achieve prominence and relevance, you need to offer video materials that are rare, unique, valuable, and that have high technical quality.

Content is still king, but you need to worry about other issues when making a video series for it to be successfully delivered and assimilated. After all, it is useless to have excellent content if the audience can not understand it due to flaws in the audio, bad image, or a poorly made montage.  

Building a Studio is one of the most appropriate solutions in these cases. This will help you save money on production and make all processes less bureaucratic and more dynamic when recording your video series.

And if you are thinking of Building a Studio for Your Video Series but have no idea where to start, rest assured: this Cinema8 blog content will help you a lot!

Practical Tips for Building a Studio for Your Video Series 

To Build a Studio for Your Video Series, in addition to a space to dedicate entirely to production, you will need microphones, lights, support equipment, and, of course, a camera. In the sections below, we have highlighted all the detailed tips. From there, you can measure your needs, assess your budget and invest in what makes sense for your reality.

Find a suitable location and invest in the scenario.

Before you worry about equipment and anything else, the first step is to find a suitable place to set up your studio. When choosing this place, the ideal is that it meets your needs in terms of structure and equipment, but it is worth taking into account, mainly, two main points:


Remember that the studio needs to have enough space for recording, equipment, actors, and technical staff. A very small location can impair the quality of the videos produced and still cause costly accidents since the production equipment is fragile. You can suffer a significant loss if someone drops something, steps where he shouldn't, or does not dispose of things properly too.


Always look for a place that is as far away as possible from outside sounds, from the street, from people, animals, etc., or where it is simple to isolate them efficiently. A good tip if you want to protect yourself from noise without spending a lot is to buy thick foam sheets or styrofoam and put them on doors, windows, and wherever else you find it necessary. The famous egg boxes are also very efficient in making the environment's acoustics better, and you can place them over the foam.

Have A Good Camera For Making Videos

The camera is an essential for making a good video series and is a must-have item in any recording studio. However, contrary to what many people think, you don't need such expensive equipment to make professional-looking videos. By adjusting points like lighting, focus, and audio, you can achieve fantastic and extremely satisfactory results even with a lower-cost camera.

Today, even professional producers use regular cameras to make videos and get great results. Some tips which will help you when choosing this equipment include:

Always give preference to equipment that films in high definition (HD): With this, you will be guaranteed a good result in terms of image, even if you are not an expert in filming.

Choose cameras that support an external microphone: Typically, the cameras' native microphone, in general, does not provide such good audio quality. Therefore, it is essential that you choose equipment that allows the use of an external microphone - if you do not have a recorder.

Choose A Good Microphone 

The sound of the video, for lay people, is perhaps the most underrated item. However, it is possibly the element that will give the most professional appearance to your work. Good sound capture helps convey the message better and does not create the need for the user to increase the volume of the device they are watching the video. It can seem little, but it makes all the difference. Therefore, ideally, you should invest in one or more microphones to ensure good audio capture. 

videosound microponesound

Invest In Good Lighting

With your camera and microphone in the recording studio, you should already start thinking about lighting. Even with a simple light, it is essential that you highlight your video's main components and still ensure that the images have more quality and the viewing experience of the viewer is much better. Using the right light points, even home-made videos can look like professional videos, recorded in a specialized studio with this step.

So, if you want to make videos and ensure good lighting without hefty investment, you need basically three types of light which are:

The Sungun: To standardize the light on the film set.

The Softbox: To illuminate the actors or objects present in the video.

And the backlight: To give the impression of depth on the set and ensure more contrast between actor and background.

These are the primary lights for creating the three-point lighting form, and you must position them properly.

Have An Editing Island

After recording the images and sound, it is time to edit the video. This is one of the essential parts when building a studio for your video series. You will also need a good computer for this job, but how good it should be varies according to your needs.
The recommended configuration of a standard computer, with a good processor (Core i5, for example) and a good amount of RAM (4 gigabytes is reasonable), will help you edit most of the videos you need. The editing speed will be appropriate, and the quality good as well. The situation changes when you edit large amounts of very long images or videos. In this case, it is worth to invest in a more powerful configuration specific to video editing.

Have A Tripod

By investing in the items above and knowing the equipment, making a video series of high quality is already possible. In some videos, the tripod is unnecessary; however, in most cases, with the image stability, the video is cleaner, organized, and understandable. This also gives the impression of more professionalism and provides credibility to your materials.

When purchasing a tripod, see if the model is compatible with the camera and give preference to the filming models, which allow movements (such as traveling) during recording. And if you're using a cell phone to record, don't worry. There are also specific tripod models for this equipment.

Think Of Some Background Ideas For Your Video Series

Lots of video producers usually make mistakes in the background. This doesn't have to be tall or fancy. You are not building a television news studio. But at the same time, the background - anything that can be seen behind you - needs to be tidy. If you live in a house with a modern interior design, it can work well. Otherwise, you might want to scale up a bit. Two options are available here:

  • A screen or wall with an appropriate poster.
  • Green screen. You can then find a suitable image to file as a background while editing.

By the way, stunning backgrounds are a great choice for your outdoor video series shooting. The viewer does not even need to see the scene in focus - he can only be aware of its presence.

Get Spare Batteries In Stock

If you want to produce a lot, you need several batteries in stock, so it is, of course, always advisable to buy a couple of replacement batteries and a suitable charger. If the camera is running continuously, which is the case with video series productions, a lot of energy resources are consumed. For a three-hour production you should have at least four batteries in stock.

batterystock cameracharger


In conclusion, creating video series tends to be a challenge for many people. If you are one among this set of people and you desire to take it to the next level, you can use these practical tips for building a studio for your video series highlighted above.