Cinema8 is the winner of the Innovate UK Smart Grants - April 2022 competition, with its project to adapt Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning techniques to interactive design processes within linear & 360° videos and to develop advanced interactive video experiences accessible on desktop, mobile, and VR environments.

The £400K grant will be used to combine Cinema8's drag-and-drop, no-code video interaction design and video editing capabilities with artificial intelligence capabilities (object segmentation, object/motion detection, and motion tracking modules) for VR environments.

Cinema8, the award-winning interactive video development platform, will be the enabler of numerous solutions such as dynamic ad placement, dynamic/instantly editable native ads within videos, shoppable videos, personalized dynamic videos, and augmented reality applications in linear and 360° videos. Even the objects within the video are moving at variable camera angles and using different perspectives.

Cinema8 Platform, which also offers solutions that enable video publishing and video monetisation, will be the best interactive and smart video content authoring platform for desktop, mobile, VR, and Metaverse environments and will continue to invest in R&D activities in the coming versions.

Investing up to £25m in game-changing, world-leading business ideas designed for rapid and successful commercialization, Innovate UK is a responsive grant funding program affiliated with UK Research and Innovation.


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