How to Create A Successful Testimonial Video

Step by Step Guide & Five Powerful Examples 

According to a recent study, 73% of respondents said that testimonials and positive reviews help them trust a brand- more than the website content itself!

Today's businesses are giving their regular customers an opportunity to be their brand advocates- And what is the result?

  • More of building trust
  • Emotional connect
  • Credibility

If you want to establish trust among the customers, then it’s time to probably show them that you can be trusted. Among all the shining written reviews on your website, Google My Business and Facebook pages, now you need to add video testimonials to get you further! Try to come up with real, authentic and high-quality videos that make people choose you before even looking anywhere else for help. And the best part is; it doesn’t have to be perfect, complicated or even expensive.

What is Testimonial Video?

The customer testimonial video involves your client and customers talking about how their personal experience has been with the brand. The goal is to build up trust and create awareness about your product among the target audience.

This helps to grab customers in the final stage: the decision-making stage. This is the time of the buyer's journey when they’re about to close the deal.

More than 90% of customers’ today search for good and bad reviews online before making the purchase. This is where you can benefit from the opportunity to interact with your target audience and start the conversation by yourself!

Making Successful Customer Testimonial Video

The goal is to optimize the video content and maximize the reach of the marketing campaign with this step-by-step guide:

Gather Real Customers To Share Authenticate And Real Stories

We know it is easier to create a fictionalized customer story. The team might do a great job at staging it as if it was all real. A lot of brands do it successfully and may even earn a short-term benefit. There are a lot of brands that go away with false or deceptive advertising,, but the rewards are not worth taking the risk.

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Make sure you have happy customers who give consent to share constructive feedback in the customer testimonial. These stories can be inspiring as well as surprising.

Have the Right Set Of Questions Ready For Them

Here comes the time to set the right expectations from the customers who are now willing to stand in front of a camera. Now you have to take the lead and get them talking with all the valuable insights. Make sure you share all the problems that your services or product solve for the customers. You can also include a list of questions that the customers can respond to in an organized way.

  • Challenge faced before and after using the product?
  • How does the product solve the problem?
  • How did they get to know about your product?
  • What made them use your product?
  • The process to use the product
  • After-results of product implementation

Find The Perfect Set-Up To Shoot The Video:

The perfect set up for customer testimonial video shoot is an office or customer’s place. If you conduct the shoot at a location in their comfort, it brings a sense of reliability to it. With added convenience, you can easily control the noise and light requirements in a private space.

There are rented studio spaces for testimonial videos that you can hire at a minimal cost.

Select The Right Shoot Equipment

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The day right before your shoot, you can analyse the location, plan all the lighting and other equipment. You may need a professional camera, microphones, a tripod, and more to give better exposure.

5 Customer Testimonial Video Examples That You Wish Were Yours!

The goal is to reinvent the wheel for your brand before you let it out! Here, we’ve listed the 5 most favourite customer testimonial video examples that did a great job in setting up standards quite high for their competitors!


Amazon has created one powerful testimonial video with honest reviews of these customers’ reviews. While serving millions of customers, and dealing with thousands of sellers on Amazon, here’s how the video communicates compilation of their satisfaction levels.


This popular sales engagement has currently raised millions of dollars in investment. Since 2009, the ClearSlide has won innovation awards, and they have shared amazing video reviews showcasing case studies. The ClearSlide video testimonial is one minute long and is creatively shot. The customers have shared clear feedback about how the brand helped companies give quality services, which brought massive growth in the ROI. Look at the enthusiastic clients sharing in-depth feedback in the testimonial.


One major aspect that makes this video exceptional is that it has been shot in the comfort of the customer's environment. The background aesthetics especially bring authenticity and reliability elements that most of the scripted videos fail to achieve. The Yokel Local marketing team has shared commendable hard metrics along with the anecdotal information, which means a lot for the business.

This gives a subtle nod to the target audience with the best touch at the end.


Salesforce has been coming up with commendable video testimonials, but this one stands out interestingly. This is a perfect example to bring in an emotional force with the story of Herrera. How she overcomes all the hardship to make history with the Salesforce is where the viewers can easily resonate. Come up with your prime customers and let them be the voice of your brand this time.


Realcare brought up personal recollections by interviewing assistants, nurses, and trainers. The management or CEO’s may do the legwork of branding for you by sharing figures and statistics, but getting the first-hand experience of one’s feelings and life improvement examples is what would speak louder for your brand.

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