​The Importance of Video From Past to Present

Video is now more popular and important now than before. Because its usage is increasing. This pushes people to use video to design strong video marketing or training. With the increasing importance of the video, everyone is paying more attention to the video. Therefore, it is vital to be aware of developments and statistics about videos.

Video is a very successful form of content. Today, with the increasing use of social media, its place in our lives is gradually growing. Many of us watch videos for many online days. But there are still organizations or individuals who don't use videos in educational programs, entertainment content or marketing campaigns. These people generally do not get enough good results because they do not apply for video from their interests. For example, if we look at the importance of videos in marketing strategies from the past years to the present, we see a graphic like this;

Video is an important of your marketing strategy

The Unstoppable Rise of Video Consumption All Over the World

Online video consumption is increasing day by day. It is not unlikely that it will slow down in terms of consumption unless an alternative technology is developed in the coming years.

According to Zenith's research, the amount of time a person spent watching videos on a daily basis in 2018 was over 67 minutes. This rate was measured as an estimated 84 minutes in 2019. According to the researches of the same company, the average video watching rates between 2013 and 2018 increased by 32% annually. While such an increase has been observed in a 5-year period since 2013, we encounter much different data during these years when the video entered our lives.

In Zenith researches, it is estimated that daily video viewing times will be 84 minutes by 2020, while this rate will increase to an average of 100 minutes in 2021.

As long as online video consumption increases in the future, investments in this area will increase at the same rate. After spending $ 45 billion in this sector in 2019, this video advertising spending is estimated to reach $61 billion by 2021.

These video advertising costs also affect traditional TV advertising budgets. While a budget of 183 billion dollars was allocated to traditional TV ads in 2019, this number is expected to decrease to 180 billion dollars by 2021. This shows us how important the videos that enter every point of our lives are now.

Global online video viewing and Ad spending Forecast marketing report 2019 - 2021, interactive video

Let's take a look at the statistics that can guide your video usage rates in the past and next years.

1. Videos are watched everywhere now
Videos are now watched more all over the world. 85% of all internet users in the USA watched video content. (2018) This rate continues increasingly today.

2. People's demand to watch videos is increasing
Internet users want to see more videos from their favorite brands, entertainment content producers, or educational content producers (54%). Viewers also tend to use the feature of jumping against content that contains only audio or text content.

3. Video as a powerful marketing tool
Businesses now feature videos in more marketing strategies than in the past. According to 2019 reports, 87% of businesses use video in their marketing strategies.

4. Video consumers love watching videos on social media
Today, about 73% of consumers are influenced by social media videos in their purchasing decisions.

5. The use of videos in marketing strategies increases the rate of profit
More than 80% of marketers are satisfied with using video in their marketing strategies.

6. The power of videos in purchases
93% of marketers say they have reached a new customer through videos on social media.

7. The increasing volume of video in all internet traffic
According to the estimates in the Cisco reports, it is thought that by 2022, 82% of the internet traffic in the world will create video content. This rate was 72.3% in 2017.