Gamification is a buzzword today that seems to be implemented everywhere. You see it in healthcare, e-commerce, and even online learning. However, gamification has always been used in learning. It’s just that with computers and the internet, it can be seen as far more effective. Here is how e-learning is being gamified around the world.

Cinema8 Blog - Gamificiation of Online Learning

Leader Boards

These are just like lists on a college board that help rank the students. This helps gamify online learning like no other system. It helps the students see where they stand and how much they need to improve.


Badges or achievement trophies can be given to learners when they complete certain courses. These can be for special achievements as well, such as finishing a course in record time. Other badges like finishing the most courses or demonstrating the most engagement can also push them to work harder.

Points and Currency

Points are a variation of badges. They track progress and differentiate the best from the rest. Points can be offered for every comment left in a discussion forum. Those points can then be redeemed for extra reward points and discounts.

Level Ups and Progress Bars

It’s easy to lose sight of your goal if you don’t have a specific start or end date. Hence, learners need to be given level ups and progress bars like in any game. They need to remember how far they’ve come and how far they need to go.

Progress bars can visualize their achievements and advancements. They can add a bit of interest by creating level ups that unlock new course features, etc.

Virtual Scenarios

Simulation of games, from Sims to Farmville, has proved incredibly popular because of their immersive content. The gamification of online learning must mean adapting to different circumstances as well.  Hence, a simulation game that can help learners navigate scenarios in different environments can work to help them learn. 

While most instructors won’t have the resources to build something like this simulation game, it’s possible to build a few scenarios. Learners can work their way through these to see how well they score in the end.

Applications of Gamifying E-Learning

Skill Enhancement

Learning paths can be created to adjust to the individual learner’s capacity. In this way, machine learning and artificial intelligence can be employed to help a child or a student learn better.


Task-oriented gamification courses can be used to ensure compliance. For example, a game scenario can be built to assess risks in a real-life situation. Real work environments and challenges can be programmed in. 


This uses gamification to enhance the assessment technique. This can work in any traditional e-learning course or any online exam. For example, if you get a certain point in an e-learning assessment, you can get an online prize. You can also unlock a different level of learning when you do well on an assessment. While this is essentially the same as an exam that lets you graduate, it’s much more fun.