Tired of boring and plain e-learning slideshows? Are you looking for a more sophisticated e-learning approach? Usage of videos in virtual learning courses is an established practice, but interactive video, an updated avatar of videos, is being proclaimed as the next big thing for online training. Gone are the days when we just passively consume e-learning content thrown at us. We don’t have the time and patience for it. Although the traditional and linear video e-learning content has been around for awhile, but how can interactive video elevate e-learning strategies?

With the ever-changing growth of technology, there are many ways to make videos interactive to engage your learners further. Interactive videos provide a more engaging experience, allowing learners to be a real part of their learning. It is by no means the most effective way to communicate course material. This new trend of interactive videos as we all know removes that passiveness from normal linear virtual learning. Interactive videos create a space where learners can participate, and have the freedom to choose the direction of the video or story with quick background and knowledge assessments done while learning. It paves the way to a new age of e-learning especially at this time! But like any other concept or “new toy” per se, interactive video needs to be explored and experimented with. We should study the possibilities and benefits it offers, and gather reasons why interactive videos improve e-learning.

At the end of the day, we just want learning to be cost-effective but remain inspiring. Yes, videos are continuing to prove that they improve learning, but why are interactive videos more beneficial to you e-learning strategy? Sit back and relax, and let’s unpack why interactive videos are an effective way to keep learning fresh, relevant, cost-effective, and engaging. Here’s why interactive video is the new way to go in order to keep your learners engaged and some tips to help you get started. Definitely a useful tool that all professionals should consider utilizing!