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Easily access detailed data of your videos with Cinema8


Why do you need Analytics module?


Nowadays, the importance of data is increasing and accordingly we use the data to see the future.


Cinema8 Analytics module provides you with the most detailed data of your videos and guides you.


In this way, you can see where you are wrong, where you are following the right strategy, and arrange your next move accordingly.


Get detailed data of the interaction tools you add to your videos

With Track stats, you can access detailed information about the questions, buttons, images or videos you add to your videos. What users answered the questions in your video, which button in the video was clicked more or which visual was viewed more… With Cinema8 Analytics, you can quickly access the data of all these interaction tools.

Find out how many replays your videos are watched

Cinema8 Analytics simply tells you how many times your videos have been watched. Besides, it also gives you the information of your viewers who watched the videos more than once. With such data, you can find out which of your videos are re-consumable. Perhaps your video tutorial watched over and over isn't revealing enough.

What percentage of your videos are watched

With Cinema8, it's easy to find out what percentage of your videos are watched. The data type obtained by dividing the total duration of your video by the total watch time gives you the data on how effective your videos are. This also shows the interest your viewers show in your videos.

Which browsers your viewers use the most

In the Cinema8 Analytics area, you can learn from which browsers your viewers watch your videos with device usage information. Perhaps your videos are watched more on mobile devices. With this information, you can design your videos and edit the videos you designed for the computer screen. The information you will receive here will shape your videos.

Maybe you have a fan on the other side of the World

Location usage feature in Cinema8 Analytics module provides you the data from which countries your videos are watched. You can also shape your content with the information you get here. You can add special subtitles to your videos that are watched more in different countries and produce content specific to that country.



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