Content Management System

Centrally manage all your content structure and user actions


Build and manage your own content structure, customize it according to your needs and goals.

Create and edit your video library easily

The videos you upload are listed in your Cinema8 library. In this library, you can see which platform the videos are in, the duration of the videos and how long ago they were uploaded to the library.

It also offers a ready-to-use visual, audio and video library. You can add buttons, background videos or sound effects to your videos. Now, upload a video to Cinema8 library!

Upload to Cinema8 or synch other video accounts

Cinema8 allows you to store your videos in cloud with its superior storage feature. With its Akamai CDN infrastructure, you can deliver your videos to your users quickly and safely. All you have to do is upload the linear video to the Cinemea8 library. Now, you can create a project using this video and make it interactive by adding interactivity tools on to your video’s timeline.

Of course, the only way to prepare an interactive video in Cinema8 is not to upload the video to Cinema8. It is also possible to transfer videos from the alternative video platforms to the Cinema8 library. If you want, you can integrate your Kaltura, Brightcove, Mediannova, Vimeo or YouTube account to Cinema8 account and transfer your videos from these platforms to your video library in Cinema8.

Organize your interactive videos

When you produce too many projects in Cinema8, the projects screen can become complicated. Cinema8 folder and tag structure exist for precisely such moments.

By tagging your interactive videos and organizing them into folders, you can make your video searches more organized and make your video calls easier.


Call out to your viewers!

Addressing your audience by their name always has a great impact. Get their information and use it in your video with integrations or an information form that you can add to your video basically. So, they can feel that your video is prepared specifically for them.

The data of viewers who watch your videos anonymously will appear anonymously on the analytics screen. However, all the movements of the viewers whose names are received at the beginning of the video are displayed on the analytics screen with their name information. Thus, you can see who answered which question, what button clicked or what episode was watching.


Create your own corporate video tube and create channels

Channels on various video platforms are now part of our lives. We follow many things through these video channels. Cinema8 also developed its own video publishing platform and Tube. With Cinema8 Tube, you can create your own channels, share the interactive videos you have previously prepared on these channels, create playlists and share them with your audience. At the same time, other users can comment on your interactive videos and like the videos they love.

Create and authorize users in your Cinema8 account

Cinema8 gives you the opportunity to create as many new users as you want in your account. Then, authorize these users to use Cinema8. These authorities can include various features such as

editing interactive videos, viewing the library, accessing video analytics data. In addition to all these, you can create groups in Cinema8, add the users to these groups, and assign the desired videos or playlists to the groups.


Advanced customization options

Today, video platforms often use the same colour players. White buttons on black background… With Cinema8, you can easily customize your video player colours according to your company colours or personal tastes and make your video screen interesting.

You can also embed fonts from Google Fonts to Cinema8 and use the in your interactive video projects.

Cinema8 offers you default fonts to use in videos. However, some of these may not be enough for you in some projects. At such moments, Cinema8's font adding feature comes into play. You can add any font in Google font to your Cinema8 account and use this font in any video you want.


Integrate your Google Ad Manager Account to add them to videos

DFP (DoubleClick For Publishers) is an ad serving platform that delivers ads to those who want to advertise online. With this platform, you can use your ads on your own platforms and create an alternative to your income model.

So how do we use DFP in Cinema8? It's actually quite simple. Integrate your DFP account to the Cinema8 account and start running your DFP ads on your videos. Use Cinema8 to both engage your videos and earn revenue from them.

View detailed interaction reports of your videos with Cinema8 Analytics

Once you have prepared your interactive videos, you want to see which element your viewers click on or what questions they have answered on your video.

It is very easy to access this data with Cinema8. Now follow your video data and create your new videos based on this data.