Cinema8 Interactive Film Production Course at BAU!

Students from Communication Faculty at Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul will start using Cinema8 as part of their Interactive Film Production classes in the 2020-2021 academic calendar.


Cutting edge tools, developed for education professionals

Let your students be among the ones to experiment with the newest video and film making tools through Cinema8's editor.

These editing skills and the ability to create fresh concepts and narratives will get you ahead of the curve.


In a nuthshell


Intro to interactive videos and Cinema8

Get a general sense of what interactive videos using for


Listening from the industry experts

Connect with experts from the field as guest lecturers


The ABCs of interactive video making

Comprehensive dive into the art of video and film making


Advanced tips and tricks to speed up the process

Going beyond the basics: Industry-specific techniques


Use of the Cinema8 Creative Studio

Learn how to create and boost the power of interactive films using Cinema8 Creative Studio


Full competency through creation

Achieve creative confidence and create your own interactive short films through this hands-on, immersive platform

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