Experience API (xAPI); a specification which defines a communication protocol and data storage format, in particular the one used by cmi5.

The Experience API (xAPI) is an e-learning software specification for learning technology. xAPI allows learning content and learning systems to speak to each other in a manner that records and tracks all types of learning experiences. The difference between xAPI and SCORM content is the type of learning each can track.

While SCORM is limited to recording online learning, xAPI can track almost any activity. Learning experiences are recorded in a Learning Record Store (LRS). LRSs can exist within traditional learning management systems (LMSs) or on their own.

API allows trainers to perform several new capabilities such as:

•    It is flexible so learners access all kinds of materials in many locations
•    Track games and simulation
•    More control on learning content
•    The capability to track real-world performance
•    To take e-learning outside of the web browser
•    E-learning in any mobile applications
•    Platform transition; you can start e-learning on a mobile device, finish it on a computer
•    The capability to track real-world performance

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