Track is the data recording sections created on the disc in the form of nested rings for the purpose of recording data. It consists of concentric circular rings at the same distance from the center. Successive sector segments are lined up side by side on a track.

MP3 is among the most used sound recording methods and offers the most compatible use with today's technology. It is the most used audio file by music lovers. There is no alternative sound type for more music. It is the type of sound that is also used in the internet environment.

We can say that it is the easiest way to save space. Apart from this, a different audio file type is used, since there are no devices that support MP3 file reading in cars. We call this file type track. Tracks are used as an alternative to MP3, for devices to read.

Unlike MP3, a Track takes up more space. For this reason, it is not preferred much. It is the type in which files are created by converting them for devices that say, "It must be Track or I can't read it". Storing it in a computer environment also causes a lot of space loss.

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A tracking shot is any shot that physically moves the camera around the scene for an extended period of time. Tracking shots often follow a traveling subject, but they can only be used to illustrate the scene. In the past, tracking was a specifically reserved term for lateral camera movement that occurred almost exclusively on dolly tracks.

A camera becomes a "right-track" or "left-track", forward movement is called a "push" or "dolly-in" and backwards a "dolly-out".

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