Story Board

Before the director and producer start the film, all the scenes are drawn on paper in order.
The scenes drawn on the paper are examined in order and the scenes that should be added and removed are determined.

It also helps to convey the film in the director's mind to the whole set and the actors, and it is necessary to decide exactly how the camera angles will be by looking at the drawings. In this case, it serves to have everything ready without wasting time during the shooting.

Story Board

Before the set is built, it is prepared after the scenario is approved and the actors are decided. The aim here is that the set workers can understand the scenario imagined by the director and follow a path accordingly. It doesn't have to be perfect drawings. However, what the director means must be reflected exactly.

Storyboard is mostly used in big budget movies, commercials and clips. The reason for this is to save time with the intense and complicated scenes and to ensure that unnecessary scenes are discarded.

At the stage of creating the Storyboard, which is seen as a visual guide on how to shoot the movie, each scene is transferred to small squares on the paper one by one. It should be included in the drawing according to the spatial characteristics or the importance of the materials to be used.

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