SDK (Software Development Kit)

The Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) is software that contains a set of tools for software developers. Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) is not malicious software or virus. Software, game developers develop games and applications using the Windows Software Development Kit. 

Windows Software Development Kit contains some ready-made codes and libraries that make the work of software developers easier.

It can be a simple application programming interface (API) for a particular programming language, or complex hardware that allows it to talk to the embedded system. Typically, software development kits contain debugging and other utilities, all contained within a specific integrated development environment (IDE).

SDK (Software Development Kit)

SDKs also often contain sample code to explain key points in reference material, and technical notes and other support documentation that provide support. 

SDKs may be licensed under certain licenses as not suitable for software development. For example, the non-public SDK will likely be incompatible with a free software, and vice versa. LGPL SDKs, on the other hand, are generally suitable for software development under non-public licenses.

A software engineer usually gets the SDK from the developer of the target system. Most SDKs are available for download from the internet. Most SDKs are provided to guide developers to use the system or language. Sometimes it can also be used as a marketing tool.

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