Movies are made up of scenes and sequences. Once we have developed the story from the basic story, we are ready to process it into scenes and sequences.

Scene; It is a unit that contains a single and uninterrupted dramatic action, united by means such as time, place, event, theme/motif, content, concept or character. It usually consists of a sequence of shots related to each other. However, it can also consist of a single shot.

The main functions of scenes include: creating space, creating atmosphere, presenting a theme or thesis, explaining characters or relationships, starting, advancing or ending a plot line...Short cutscenes are generally used for time and place transitions. Sometimes, resting scenes are put in order to reduce the tension and relax the audience.


For example, the opening scene of Bonfire consists of a single take, from the entrance of a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist to the building where the award ceremony is held, to coming to the podium and telling the news that won the award.

Scenes often cover a single time period or a single event period, even if they divide the plot into multiple shots.