RF video

Acronym for Radio Frequency means a carrier signal modulated by an information signal in broadcasting. However, this name has also started to be used to mean high frequency, whether it is modulated or not.

In general, the frequency, which is indicated by the number of vibrations per second, is found by measuring how often certain vibrational sequences occur and how many repetitions they occur.

Radio frequencies are also the general name of frequencies ranging from 3 Hz to 30 Ghz as a result of these examinations. The phenomenon studied in determining the radio frequency range is electrical signals with alternating current. As in the definition of frequency, it has been determined that the alternating current electrical signals, whose time interval and number of repetitions are measured, are in the range of 3 Hz to 30 Ghz, which is the interval in which radio waves are transmitted and known as RF (Radio Frequency)

A composite video signal that has been modulated with audio onto a high-frequency radio wave that could be transmitted from an antenna. Typically connected to the antenna input of a TV receiver, and received on channel 3 or 4. The simplest and lowest-quality video signal connection.