Rewarded Video

Reward video is an ad slot within an app that lets you show full-screen videos to people who choose to watch them in exchange for money or a special reward. When you select the rewarded video placement, your video ads will appear in apps on Audience Network.

To use the rewarded video placement, you must select the app installs objective or the conversions objective in Ads Manager. Rewarded video is only available for ads with video creative.

Rewarded video is a great way to target people who are most likely to engage with your app install video ads within a rewarded experience at their own discretion. According to Facebook research, people who see rewarded video ads are 23% more likely to buy or use the advertised product (compared to non-option ads).

In addition, rewarded video ads often have a lower CPI than the same video ads served alone in Facebook feed, providing more value at a lower cost per impression.

For example; let's say someone plays a racing game within an app on Audience Network and crashes their car and loses the race. Through rewarded videos, players are directed to confirm they lost the race or view your short video ad in exchange for gaining extra points or time on the racetrack.

If they choose to watch the video, they will automatically receive the reward after watching the entire video. Once they choose to watch the video, they cannot pass the video. Under these circumstances, people who watch your ad are more likely to have positive experiences with your video.