RealMedia is a multimedia content format developed by Real Networks. It is used for the combination of Realvideo and Realaudio and is a popular format for streaming content over the Internet. Many media players support playing this format.

A RealMedia file consists of a number of parts that can be of several different types:

     .RMF: RealMedia file header
     PROP: File properties header
     MDPR: Media properties header
     CONTACT: Content description title
     DATA: Data header
     INDX: Index header

Supported audio formats

     RealAudio 1.0 (VSELP), IpcJ
     RealAudio 2.0 (LD-CELP), 28_8
     AC3, dnet
     cypro, cypr
     cook, cook
     ATRAC3, atrc
     RealAudio Lossless Format, ralf
     LC-AAC, raac
     HE-AAC, racing

Supported video formats

     ClearVideo (from spiral properties)
     H.263, RV10
     H.263, RV13
     H.263+, RV20
     H.264 precursor, RV30
     H.264 precursor, RV40
     H.263+ (RV20), RVTR