RAM is a very fast component of the computer that acts as a short-term memory. Data is stored instantaneously in RAM.

Temporarily stored data is deleted as soon as it is sent to the required component after processing. Required new data is brought in place of the deleted data. This cycle is repeated for each operation performed on the device.


Generally, two types of memory are used in our computers. Temporary and permanent ones. Volatile memory is the type of memory that our computer needs to run. From the moment you press the power button, our computer starts to work. The first predicates are made one after the other, and after that, our operating system, which is registered on our hard disk, starts to open one by one.

Our computer starts to write the operating system data it reads from our hard disk onto RAM for faster access. Then the necessary system files and services are saved on the RAM again. After that, the data about the programs we run are also saved on the RAMs.

This process continues during the operation of our computer. Every program we run is first loaded into RAM memory, and during its execution, this program data is continued by being written and deleted between RAM memory and hard disk. When you close any program, the data about this program is deleted from the RAMs and saved to the hard disk if necessary.