Q keyboard, also known as QWERTY Keyboard, is the most used keyboard type in the world.

The name of the Q Keyboard comes from the letters on it. If you look in the upper left corner next to the Tab key, you can see that the letters "qwerty" appear side by side from left to right.


Facts About Q Keyboard

  •      Q keyboard name; It comes from the side-by-side letters on the keyboard, as shown in the photo above.
  •      The Q keyboard was made by an amateur inventor whose real name is Christopher Latham Sholes.
  •      Christopher Latham Sholes began designing the Q Keyboard in the 1860s and patented it in 1974. However, in the same year, he sold it to E. Remington and Sons, which was dealing with typewriters in those years.
  •      Additionally, NASA named an asteroid discovered in 1988 "6600 Qwerty" on August 17, in memory of Christopher Latham Sholes.

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