QuickTime is a media player that helps you view video and movie files on your computer. QuickTime, developed by Apple, was first developed in 1991 and is used on computers with Macintosh, and Windows operating systems.

QuickTime Player is a media player developed by Apple, was mostly used to run files with the *.MOV extension.

With the later developed QuickTime software, it is possible to play many popular file extensions other than *.MOV. It should also be noted that QuickTime Player, of which all broadcast rights belong to Apple, is still in development.

The development of QuickTime Player, which has been developed since 1991 and is used as one of the most used players all over the world, for Windows computers has been stopped by Apple as of 2016.  Mac users are still free to use QuickTime, while Apple cuts support for QuickTime in the corner, citing some major security vulnerabilities.

You can download QuickTime for free on your Windows or Mac device and play many popular media files with the help of this player.

After the page you will reach by clicking the link here, all you have to do is click on the option to download QuickTime compatible with your operating system.

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