Stands for picture file format, picture file formats are standardized tools for organizing and storing digital images. This format can be used in common by almost all programs. The only disadvantage of this format is that it highly compresses large areas of the same color in the file, which causes corruption in file structures.

There are eight known software programs associated with PICT files (usually from Adobe Systems Incorporated and known as Adobe Illustrator CC) that can be classified under one main file type. Generally, these files are considered the Macintosh PICT Format format. In most cases, these files are considered Page Layout Files.

We found PICT files on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Compatible with desktop (and mobile) devices. PICT files have a "Low" Popularity Score. This means that they are not available on most devices. Additionally, we provide simple troubleshooting information to help you open your PICT file.

The release of Apple Preview software triggered the development of the Macintosh PICT Format file type by Apple. Typically, Macintosh PICT Format files are found on computer users from United States and computer users running the Windows 10 operating system. Google Chrome is the most dominant internet browser used by these folks.

The .PICT file is executed by double-clicking on it. If you have previously installed the software to open the file and the file associations are set up correctly, the .PICT file can be opened. If Windows keeps asking which program to use to open the file, the problem is most likely caused by corrupt file associations.
Damaged file associations occurred as a result of Windows registry errors.

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