Phono Connector

Connectors are used in satellite communication systems as well as in many electronic circuits to connect equipment with each other.

When we look at the connectors (N, F, SMA, BNC) used in satellite communication systems, we see that the basic structure is the same. It consists of a metal outer protection reinforced according to the environment in which it will be used (Internal, External, etc.) and a pin called live tip.

The metal cap used as external protection has screw ways or special locking slots to ensure the connection. The inner pin is connected to the live Pin inside the cable by methods such as compression and soldering. The so-called outer shielding helps to prevent noise signals from mixing with the system by contacting the conductive cables between the inner surface of the cable and the outer sheath.

Phono Connector

The variety of “connectors” is very rich due to the standards used and the preferences of the manufacturers. It seems quite difficult to gather all the names and features of all of them under one page. The first connector types that come to my mind are; N, F, SMA, BNC, RS232 standard, v.35, x.21 , custom router connectors etc. 

Phono connectors Coaxial cables used to bring electronic signals to a television or other electronic device. It's actually the connector that connects to the TV. There are several ways these phono connectors can be connected to the coaxial cable.

Professional installers use a coaxial cable stripper that pulls together three layers of the cable at once. They then slide into the phono connector and secure it with the coaxial cable tool that presses the connector into the cable and crimped at the same time.