A personal area network, or PAN, is a local network designed to transmit data between PCs (personal computing devices), PDAs (personal digital assistants), and telephones. Game devices such as a game console system can also be installed on a PAN.

With the advancement of technology, electronic devices can be manufactured in smaller sizes, cheaper and with less energy. In this way, in daily life, people carry more than one device on them and have great convenience in communication and carrying information. "Personal Area Network", a word that entered the literature with the advancement of communication technology, defines the network that covers an area of approximately 10 meters and is created by connecting the devices, which is meant by the concept of personal area, to each other.

E.g; A person carrying devices such as a watch, pager, mobile phone, pda, mp3 player and laptop computer means he/she carries 5 screens, 3 keyboards and 4 communication devices. When a suitable data sharing network is established between these devices, a PAN is established in simple terms.

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