An offer wall in a mobile app is a list of incentives which a user can receive by performing a specific action, typically downloading another app, watching a video ad, or sharing content on social media. Incentives are often in-app rewards such as digital currency or additional unlocked app content.

Offerwall ads are prohibited on iOS and should be used very carefully by advertisers and developers. The general rule of thumb is that using them is not welcome if the user experience is greatly impacted or disrupted.

Doubtful developers should turn their attention to rewarded video ads, as these have longer user retention rates and limit disruption to a user's overall experience. However, these ads are a popular choice for mobile app developers and can command high eCPM prices and increase revenue.

About OfferWall advertising networks:

- OfferWall is a special tool created by CPA affiliate networks to automatically monetize web pages to the user and increase the conversion rate.

- OfferWalls are often set up at rewarding sites and games that reward free in-game purchases for completing offers.

- When the user enters the Offerwall, it will track the user's demographics and display a list of the top performing offers for the user to complete.

- Offerwalls can be used where the publisher can edit the view, introduce restrictions, etc. places can be customized. With proper customization, publishers can increase CR up to 100%.

- Most CPA ad networks have SDK, iFrame, Javascript API tool to install Offerwall on their website, application or game.

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