Mpeg (or . mpg) file extension is an MPEG video file format, which is a popular format for movies that are distributed on the internet. They use a specific type of compression that makes streaming and downloading much quicker than other popular video formats.

Because MPEG video files are widely compatible, you can open them with many different programs on different platforms, such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, QuickTime, and VLC Media Player.

Opening an MPEG file is usually as easy as double-clicking the file and letting your operating system decide which program to use. By default, Windows uses Windows Media Player and macOS uses QuickTime.

Windows users may need to install an MPEG-2 encoder to play this format in Windows Media Player.

If for some reason your operating system does not have a program set to open MPEG, it can be easily changed in Windows or MacOS. You probably won't have to do this because when you install a new application, you can set the association with MPEG files during installation.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more robust media player, you may want to download a third-party app. We recommend VLC Player. It's fast, open source, free, and you can use it on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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