Mobile Analytics

Mobile web analytics studies the behavior of mobile website users in a similar way to traditional web analytics. In a commercial context, mobile web analytics refers to data collected from users accessing a website from a mobile phone.

It helps determine which aspects of the website work best for mobile traffic and which mobile marketing campaigns work best for the business, including mobile advertising, mobile search marketing, text campaigns, and desktop promotion of mobile sites and services.

The data collected under mobile analytics usually includes page views, visits, users and countries, as well as mobile device specific information such as device model, manufacturer, screen resolution, device features, service provider and preferred user language.

This data is often compared to key performance indicators for performance and ROI and used to improve the audience response of a website or mobile marketing campaign.

Mobile Analytics

Most modern smartphones can browse websites, while some have browsing experiences similar to those of desktop computers. The W3C Mobile Web Initiative identifies best practices to help websites support mobile phone browsing. Many companies use these guidelines and mobile-specific code such as Wireless Markup Language or HTML5 to optimize websites for viewing on mobile devices.

Collecting mobile web analytics data has proven to be less straightforward than traditional web analytics due to several identifying factors.

Traditional analytics software on a mobile website only provides data for HTTP requests from the most advanced mobile browsers;There is no data on other mobile devices surfing the site, such as those found on iPhone and other smartphones and PDAs.

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