MB which stands for Mega Bits Per Second (Megabits Per Second), is the expression of the number of data transferred per second in megabits. It is the standard unit of speed of the Internet. In other words, it shows us how many Mbps data is transferred in 1 second.

The smallest unit of data on the Internet is called a "bit". 1 Mbps refers to the transfer rate of one million per second. If your internet provider promises you 25 Mbps speed, it means that you can transfer 25 million data per second to your device.

Megabyte is a technical unit that expresses file size. In other words, it allows us to understand how much space the files on a device such as a computer, phone, tablet take, or how many files we can transfer to a storage unit such as USB Memory, Harddisk, SSD.


Megabyte is also commonly abbreviated as “Megabytes, Megabytes, MB or mB” and is used with other units such as “Kilobyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte”.

In calculations, 1 Megabits (Mbit) = 1.0002 Bits = 1.000.000 Bits

1 million Bits is equivalent to 1.25 MB (Megabytes) when we calculate it in the (Megabyte Self Conversion) concept.

Megabit and Megabyte Conversion

Calculating Mbps is quite easy. For example, let's say our internet speed is 25 Mbps. When we look at this in the Megabyte Conversion table, we see that it corresponds to 25 million Bits. 25 million bits, that is, 25 million bits per second, corresponds to 3,125,000 Bytes and 3,125,000 Bytes to 3,125 KB in the Megabit Self Conversion table. 3125 KB is equivalent to 3.125 MB.