Long shot (LS)

These are the photographs taken by the method of increasing the time of light falling on the sensor by keeping the shutter of the camera open for the time determined by the photographer. In this way, the movements that occur in the frame are recorded.

Although the light value coming to the sensor does not change per unit time, the photo will appear excessively white because the exposure time to light increases. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to make use of the ND filter mentioned above.

Long shot (LS)

Useful information for Long Shots

1- The belt of the priority camera should be removed. Because 60 sec. During the shooting, the wind will shake this belt and shifts will occur in the picture.

2- A solid tripod should be chosen. It's good to be heavy. Again, weights can be placed on the tripod legs to prevent it from swaying against wind blows. The height of the tripod should not be raised too high.

3– The vibration problem that will occur at the moment of pressing the shutter can be solved with a wired or wireless control mechanism.

4- In some environments, the camera may not be able to autofocus with the filter attached. For this reason, the filter should be focused without filtering and the filter should be attached without changing the focus point. If shooting at night, a filter is attached to a small light source by focusing the camera.

5- For better results, before installing the filter, the correct values ​​should be found by shooting in manual mode, and then the shooting should be done by making calculations according to the value of the ND filter.

6- After realizing all these, natural conditions must be suitable in order to take the desired photo. A still and cloudless sky or a smooth sea will not be able to produce the desired photo frames.

7- Shooting should be done in RAW format in order to reduce the effects of poor quality ND filters. This format saves photos in high quality, making it easier to deal with the white areas that appear later.

8- In order to avoid noise in long shot photos, work at as low ISO values ​​as possible.

9- In fact, the important point is the battery, which is not considered much. Shooting for long periods of time may cause unexpected battery problems. To avoid this, it is appropriate to have a spare battery if possible.

10- Since the RAW format records in high resolution, the memory card will fill up very quickly. Buying a larger memory card or a spare memory card will solve the problem.

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