Search engines first detect the keywords on your page in order to get your website in the results.

While you can find a place in the keywords listed by the search engines, your website appears in the search results when a keyword is searched in popular search engines such as Google.

We should pay attention to the fact that your keywords consist of a maximum of 260 characters. In addition, it is stated in some sources that our keywords consisting of a maximum of 6-8 words are better received by Google.


How to Choose a Keyword?

Keyword, which is important for a successful SEO strategy, is one of the most important elements to attract visitors to your website.

When typing keywords;

  • Create a draft keyword list that represents your service and product,
  • Identify similar keywords,
  • The search rate of the target keyword,
  • Identify competitors of keywords,
  • Determine the profit and click-through rates of keywords.

Your most important rule during keyword selection, which includes many factors, is this keyword's competitors and click-through rates. If you cannot get ahead of your competitors while working on a keyword, your work will be wasted and you will not be able to stand out.

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