Acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. GIF is a kind of digital image storage format, a file format using lossless data compression method. GIF format supports 8-bit color, offers 1-bit transparency. In other words, it has a position between video and picture or photo.

If you are tired of the GIFs you see on social media, Google or other GIF sharing sites, if you want to create a special GIF for yourself, there are a few simple methods you can apply.

You can easily GIF any part of a Youtube video, screenshot or video you want. You can make your GIF from your computer or smartphone. You can download the GIFs you create and share them on any platform.

How to Make a Gif?

a) If you want, you can download the made gifs directly to your computer. For this; There are sites where you can download ready-made gifs and applications where you can download ready-made gifs.

b) If you want to make the Gif yourself; You can make gifs using some websites, with some applications from your Android or iOS devices or using some programs with your computer.

One of the easiest ways to make a GIF from a phone or computer is to use a YouTube video that is already uploaded on the Internet. You can easily turn a selected part of a Youtube video into a GIF on

Where are GIFs used?

- GIFs are very useful for web designers. Especially logos are often used for advertising banners. The fact that it occupies a small space on the page and thus fast-loading pages can be made has made the gif file format attractive for internet sites.

- GIFs can be used to store low-color sprite data for games.

- GIFs can be used for small animations and low resolution video clips.

Also, editing the gif file includes the same steps as making the gif file. So you can usually edit the gif file with a tool you use to make gifs.