Game Dynamics

Game Dynamics is the feel of the game to the actors and is separate from game mechanics in this sense - Game mechanics are more technical than game dynamics.

For example, game dynamics emerge as an RTS where the player can manage a country and have a different experience by pressing the right soldiers at the right time, even if it is the same map each time.

“Game Dynamics” Techniques

  •  Appointment dynamic - To be successful one must return at a predefined time to take a predetermined action. (Real life example: happy hour)
  •  Influence and status - one player's ability to change another player's behavior through social pressure. (Example: different colored credit cards as a reflection of the situation)
  •  Progression dynamic - a dynamic in which success is demonstrated and measured in detail in the process of completing detailed tasks. (Example: Linkedin profile progress bar)
  •  Social discovery - a dynamic in which a community gathers to work together to solve a challenge.

These techniques are used by game designers to make games fun and addictive, and they often work very well.

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