.NET is a programming system founded by Microsoft that provides convenience to software developers. Within this system, software compatible with many different operating systems can be developed. The .NET Framework, which is a part of the system, is a type of .NET that ensures the compatibility of the prepared programs with the Windows operating system.

For a software prepared on the .NET Framework to run successfully in the Windows operating system, it is not enough to be prepared only on this system. At the same time, a stable .NET Framework version must be installed on the computer that will use the software. Most of the time, it comes pre-installed on the Windows operating system, but in some cases, it may be necessary to install it externally by downloading it from the Microsoft website.


Software developers can develop different products not only over .NET Framework but also mobile applications, software, websites, desktop applications, Visual Studio over different frameworks within the .NET system. The use of the .NET system is free for developers as well as users.

.NET Framework types;

  •      The .NET Framework supports all products running on the Windows operating system.
  •      .NET Core; It is cross-platform for products running on Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  •      It is used to run products on Xamarin/Mono, iOS and Android OS.
  •      .NET Standard is the official name of the interfaces of products prepared with .NET.

Most people are familiar with the .NET Framework framework, as Windows is the most widely used operating system, but .NET is a much broader system. If you are not a software developer, you do not need to master the definitions of these types until you encounter a .NET-based error on your device.