A firewall is a barrier or shield designed to protect your computer, tablet and phone from malicious threats present on the internet.

Before data reaches your computer, it is exchanged between cyber servers and routers, and firewalls monitor this data to check whether it is safe. Most computers come with a built-in firewall, but we recommend using a dedicated firewall for best results.

The main purpose of the term “firewall” is to control the inbound and outbound traffic on your network and to direct the traffic to the relevant location within the framework of predetermined forwarding rules.


In order to explain the firewall technology in the simplest way; We can divide them into two categories as “firewall types according to their structures” and “firewall types according to their architecture”.
Firewall types are also divided into two according to their structures. These are;

- “hardware firewall” (hardware-based firewall)

 -“software firewall” (software-based firewall)           

In firewall software; Files and behaviors that will be perceived as threats and files and behaviors that will be considered safe are determined in advance in the form of rules. Any action that complies with these rules is automatically allowed. Exceptions are accepted to the network if the network administrator defines them as exceptions.

Firewall products according to their architecture are divided into five parts. These classes are;

  •      Static Packet Filter Firewalls
  •      Circuit Level Firewalls
  •      Dynamic Packet (Stateful) Filter Firewalls
  •      Proxy Supported Firewalls
  •      Hybrid Firewalls

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