The word decode, whose dictionary meaning is to decode, is the conversion of an encrypted text to its original state by using the reverse encryption algorithm.

Decode process in the field of cyber security can be done by using the ready-made decoder sites on the internet, as well as writing their own tools by people who know programming language.


Decoder in Computer Term:

Codec. Some satellite broadcasts are electronically encoded and not viewed without a decoder. Distributed only to subscribers, these decoders make signals traceable. However, due to competition, many organizations had to give up the coding system.

Decoder as Satellite Term:

Set-top decoder device for decoding encrypted TV broadcast. The digital coder, known as the "codec" used in relation to digital broadcasts, should not be confused with the decoder.

The links of the most commonly used sites where you can perform both encode and decode operations; Cipher İdentifier, Hashes, CrackStation, Cryptii, rot1, md5decrypt, md5hashing, CyberChef, MorseCod, codebeautify.