Creativity is the ability of a person or group to make something new and useful or valuable, or the process of making something new and useful or valuable. It happens in all areas of life - science, art, literature and music.

Although creativity is described as the ability to create in the dictionary; Underlying creativity is often imagination. Thanks to imagination, we can step forward. We take steps to different worlds with imagination and reveal new ideas, inventions and inventions. That's why I define creativity as "creativity equals rich imagination". As a personal ability it is very difficult to measure.

 Being creative; It can enable you to find solutions to your problems that you have not been able to solve for a long time, to find unusual ideas, perhaps to open a new business door, to make a better sense of the world and to think about life differently because you think from different perspectives.

But for some reason you hindering your existing creativity. If you remove these obstacles, you can start thinking creatively.

Don't Believe You're Uncreative: You tell yourself and your friends that you don't have a talent for creativity, you guessed it, you're starting to believe it. You are the one who will reveal your talent. No one will notice your talents until you start doing something. You must remove the negative blockage in your brain and explore your creativity in drawing, writing, painting or solving problems professionally.

Don't Drown in Assumptions: The ancients have a saying, "Don't be hyped," that is, don't worry and delusional. The negativity in your brain starts with either if I can't do it or if I can't come up with something creative. If you can't find any evidence to support your assumptions, it's best to get rid of it.

Don't Be Prescriptive: Creativity requires freedom. Free your thoughts, only in this way you can come up with new ideas. Remove your self-imposed principles and be flexible.

Don't Get Too Serious: Their creative ideas are in the right lobe of our brain. Visual, auditory issues, intuitions and dreams are found here. It might be good to have a little laugh to get it moving. Laughing can open the door to new ideas as well as the future.

It's Not Bad to Take Risks: You shouldn't just look at successful startups. Don't be afraid to take risks if you have a good idea. Creativity does not develop out of fear of making mistakes. In addition, your opinion may be bad, it may also receive criticism. Do not limit yourself because of such fears.

Staying in Your Comfort Zone: You should move away from your comfort zone where you feel safe and comfortable. It is a difficult situation for everyone, no one wants to abandon their habits. But you can slowly let go. You can start by changing your daily routines, for example, choose a different street instead of the street you walk every day.

Don't Just Judge: Prejudice is your worst enemy, even if it's not about creativity. Do not judge and decide for yourself without explaining the solutions you have found to the problems to anyone. Measure, cut, analyze and evaluate, only then can you judge.

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