Caption means explanation in terms of word space. An explanation is made under each post on Instagram. In this section, the word caption is one of the most common words.

If you ask how and what caption should I put on a photo; First of all choose a photo caption suitable for the platform you will put it on. Secondly you should use a conversational tone and present tense.  Thirdly decide on the Purpose of Your Subtitle, you should know who your audience is. 
Also identify key people in your photo/photos or video. You can use a quote or phrase wisely. You can add value with your photo caption and finally create engagement with your photo caption.

When captioning for marketing, the best way to get more engagement is to ask your followers for something. For example: "Tag friends who would like this t-shirt" or "How do you think I look?" You can get more comments by writing articles like. Also "Click the link in my bio to buy this product!" etc. You can encourage people to buy with articles. Interact with people by writing these types of posts.

The character limit for Instagram Captions is 2200. So about 330 words can be written. This length is sufficient to convey the message you want to give. You can also enrich your text with emojis. People love emojis. Do not hesitate to use it. Without further ado, let's move on to the best Instagram captions.