Shortened version of Bitmap. The standard Windows bitmap still image file format that retains the properties of the image without any compression. Because it does not compress, PNG takes up much more space than file formats such as JPEG.

Bitmap files are not compressed, and are therefore significantly larger than the same image stored in formats such as GIF and JPEG.

In fact, you do not need to do anything to open a file with a bitmap extension. Windows' own photo player will open files with bmp extension. Instead, you can open bmp files by installing different photo player programs on your computer. In operating systems other than Windows, an additional program is needed to open bmp programs.

If you want to create a bitmap file, you will need to use additional software. As an additional software, Adobe Photoshop will work for you to create files in many file formats. In this way, you can create a bmp file by installing an additional program on your computer.

It is possible to use various software or online image file extension conversion tools from the internet to convert BMP to other picture formats. In this way, it will be possible to convert the file with the bmp extension to any file format you want. If you have Adobe Photoshop program installed on your computer, you can convert the image file extension you want with this program instead of searching for an online file extension translation website.