It means that a drawing, photograph or objects that cannot be perceived by the sense of sight, that seem to have no definite shape, are perceptible from a special point of view. Anamorphic design can only be perceived from a certain point of view and placed in a symbolic order.

A method of storing widescreen video on DVDs. The original 16:9 widescreen image is squeezed horizontally and stored on disc in the standard 4:3 video resolution or typically letterboxed on a standard television monitor, or cropped to 4:3 aspect ratio. The DVD player then stretches it back out to the original aspect ratio for display, either to a widescreen monitor or typically letterboxed on a standard television monitor. You can check also aspect ratio.

Images shot on 35mm film are square in shape. Films shot with anamorphic lenses, before they are processed; It looks thin and long. In the cinema, an anamorphic projector flattens the image and brings it to its true proportions. As a result, because the source image is longer, more details are visible in the image.

Its optical structure is oval in shape. General users are sometimes skeptical that optical distortion in wide-angle lenses and optical agglomeration in tele-lenses are confused with the flattened or splayed image in Anamorphic “Anamorphic” lenses.