Akamai is a technology brand serving on 4 main branches. Akamai, which is preferred by many global structures, is known as one of the most expert brands in issues such as Cache and distribution of site traffic. So akamai, which is covered in many articles, provides many technologies, not just CDN. These are respectively; It can be categorized as Performance, Media Distribution, Cloud Security, Cloud Networking. Akamai is able to manage all processes of the enterprise, from all its platforms to the cloud, globally. It encompasses everything from the cache mechanism of web pages, optimization, cloud service to traffic distribution and security, so that providers and businesses can deliver fast, smart and secure technology.

As the largest platform operating on the Internet, Akamai can provide a defensive shield built to protect our websites, mobile infrastructure and API requests. Through 24/7 monitoring, it can collect and analyze terabytes of attack data, billions of bot requests, and hundreds of millions of IP addresses to strengthen defenses and keep us informed. It also offers a self-updating infrastructure to stay ahead of the latest threats, including malware, phishing, data exfiltration, DDoS, and other advanced attacks.

One of Akamai's excellent experiences is the caching feature that it offers along with the CDN service. You can cache many areas of your site with akamai and optimize your site performance.