Ad Server

Technology that stores and delivers advertisements to web pages and mobile apps. Ad servers manage ads, track interactions between users and content providers, and form reports.

Ad Server, the user interface that enables the placement of banners in a predetermined area on the website where they will be published, and the tracking of analytical information such as views and clicks.

ln other words when an internet user logs in to websites, the ads that appear in front of him are published by the Ad server. Thanks to the server, the number of times the ad is viewed and clicked can be calculated.

It is used to count the views and clicks of video, banner, post and e-mail marketing etc. display advertisements. It can also be used on any page where conversion from ads is counted, such as form pages, thank you pages. It provides media and visual-based reporting of how many conversions occurred and what amount of sales occurred from which product on the sales pages. In short, Ad server provides reporting and analysis of all kinds of advertisement broadcasts. Advertisers need to use Ad server in order to use their budgets more effectively and efficiently.