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Streaming & Storage

With the Live & On Demand Video Streaming take over all the control of your videos.

Our video streaming & storage solution uses the world leader Akamai CDN framework to stream your videos fast & smoothly.

Local Caching - Hybrid CDN

CDN Manage your local and cloud videos centerally

Cinema8 local caching provides benefit from Hybrid Video Architecture for multi-branch corporations with internet bandwidth constraints.

With the Hybrid Video Architecture you do not need any additional hardware investments, we have centralized the local and hybrid caching management.

Interactive Video

Turn your videos into interactive, gamified & enjoyable shows.

Interactive video is a type of video that viewers can interact , and videos can be managed with these interactions. This feature makes interactive video a top-level attendance tool for the audiences.

Interactive 360° Video

Transform your 360° videos to interactive stories with Cinema8 Creative Studio.

Make your audience a part of the journey who interact, discover, experience, touch the products to buy and more. Use Cinema8 360° interactive videos in sales, marketing, corporate communication and training or use as you wish.


Create your story flow by connecting interactive videos and questions.

Storyflow, basically is a tool that refers your goal and supplies you to make the plan of your fiction. Cinema8 Storyflow provides you to connect your interactive video projects with questions.

Enterprise Tube

Publish your videos on your own corporate channel.

With the tube view, present the videos of your organization. Create channels & playlists. Make classifications like most viewed, recently added.

Video Analytics

Dive into most detailed insights of your videos.

View the Heat Maps, Get the usage reports, View completion analysis, Get device-based reports, Get browser-based reports, Get interaction reports in detail, Survey results, Interest analysis, Manage all the processes easily.

Live Streaming

When ever you need, start live broadcasting easily.

Start your live streaming instantly.Enjoy uninterrupted broadcast, access from anywhere any device.

Convert your recorded broadcasts into interactive video clips.Use Cinema8 Advanced API’s and implement your live streaming apps easily.

What people say about

“With Cinema8, the interactive video production platform, you are creating a learning environment that is more educational, more permanent and engage learners by making the interactive video which is one of the most effective digital learning materials.”

Mehmet Akhoroz

Director / BUZEB Office of Distance Education- Bahçeşehir University

“Cinema8 is one of the best products in the sector with many features. It is not just a platform that you can watch videos, but it also allows you to produce effective content. The feature most I like and the one that makes it unique is that it allows you to produce the interactive video.”

Selçuk Alimdar

Director of Tofaş Academy

“It is quite easy to produce interactive video with drag-and-drop tools in this web-based online editor which is not required any installation. I can say that it's even enough to know basic MS Office programs.”

Mehmet Akhoroz

Director / BUZEB Office of Distance Education- Bahçeşehir University

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