Cinema8 Becomes More Active at BESA

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Written by Cinema8

If you read our previous blog called ‘’Cinema8 Becomes A Member of BESA’’ you might recall that we have pledged to be an active member. Well, we’ve started off by publishing a case study first which can be found on our blog or BESA’s site.

To take things further we have also asked to become a member of BESA’s Export Special Interest Group and got accepted.

To quote Besa;

‘’Export SIG members are exporters of, or looking to start exporting, educational products around the world. 

The group represents suppliers and/or manufacturers from all sectors of the education market, including books, consumables, furniture, technology, ICT hardware, and EdTech to the education market.

The UK education system is in high demand internationally and the increasing use of British educational products and services across the globe demonstrates the expertise of BESA members.

Members work with major contractors abroad along with local suppliers.’’

Having +200 clients across 18 countries, this group was a good match for Cinema8. In order to become a member you have to acknowledge the below:

‘’We are happy to share ideas with the rest of the Export Special Interest Group. We are committed to developing and taking the Group forward and are committed to a level playing field in the market.’’

Frankly, we couldn’t have said it better – this is exactly what we want to do. We want to spread out further, share our knowledge and experience, and have exciting collaborations – basically bringing the best of education everywhere which is the reason we started this journey in the first place.

We truly believe that groups such as these can enhance education through communication, cooperation, knowledge sharing, and technology. Therefore, we believe that we are going to be building good long-lasting relations with our stakeholders within the group.

Finally, please continue to keep track of our blog and BESA’s site, as we will be sharing a lot more in the days to come.