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Cinema8 Quick Start Guide

Using a Video Cms
Why do you need a video CMS?
Introduction to the Cinema8 CMS
Explore the capabilities of Cinema8 video CMS.
Creative Studio
Capabilities of Creative Studio Editor
Organizing Projects
Organize your projects by folder and tag structure.
How to Secure Your Projects
Take a look at security options in Cinema8.
How to Use Cinema8 Libraries
Cinema8 Library helps you to manage your media while producing interactive video content.
Enterprise Video Portal - Tube
Take a look at the features of Enterprise Video Portal - Tube of Cinema8
Brief Introduction to Cinema8 Tube
Take a look at your corporate/personal video sharing platform.
Publish with Native Project URL
Publish your interactive videos with native project URL.
How to Create Channels For Your Audience
Create video channels to your audience.
Analytics & Reporting
Generate deep insights about your audiences.
Responsive iFrame Embeds
Embed your interactive videos to any page with responsive html code.