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C8 Modules

Brief Introduction to Cinema8 Tube
Take a look at your corporate/personal video sharing platform.
How to Create Channels For Your Audience
Create video channels to your audience.
How to Create, Edit And Delete Playlists
Create, edit and delete playlists on your Tube.
Settings & Configuration
Do all of the technical settings for your Tube.
C8 Video Streaming & Storage
Take a look at Cinema8's streaming and storage services.
Supported Video Formats with Cinema8
Explore what video types does Cinema8 support.
Basic Concepts of Media Streaming Over the Internet
Streaming stands for the real-time transport of live or stored media (e.g. video, audio and any associated data) over the Internet, between the client and server computers.
Brief Introduction to Live Streaming
Create live broadcasts on the mobile device or on the computer and deliver them to your audience.
Creating a Live Streaming Project with Cinema8
Steps to create a new live streaming project.
Publishing Live Videos
Publish your live videos.
Saving Live Video for VOD
Save your live videos for VOD.
Reporting And Analytics With Cinema8
Get project-based reports and make detailed analyses for each of your live streaming projects