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Working with video URL parameters

You can customize interactive videos with parameters you pass to Cinema8 video urls.

Check out this video to see a running example of how you can configure a video with url parameters.

This video will start from 10. second and with the English subtitle enabled.You can customize your interactive videos by this way using url parameters.These Parameters can be changed with Javascript api using Cinema8 JS Api.

Available URL parameters are ;

autoplay   :  If set to "1" video will play automaticly in supported environments.
Default Value : 0 
Available values : 0 - False , 1- True 

sub   : Enables opening the video with selected subtitle , if null or empty no subtitle will be applied to video.You can change this value programmatically from javascript code.
Default Value : null 
Available values : Language codes enabled from creative studio "Subtitle" section. 

token  : You can pass authenticated users token to this parameter.By this way Cinema8 analytics will collect user generated date for and assign to this user.If parameters is empty the user generated data will be collected anonymously.To learn more about generating tokens for specific users check this article.
Default Value : null 
Available values : Tokens generated from Cinema8 Authentication Server. 

externalVideoUrl: Enables viewing an external video within Cinema8 Video Player.
Default Value : null 
Available values : any valid Video Url format. 

externalUser: Enables tracking an unregistered user with specified user fields.available userfields wil be stored for this audience and you will be available to track the user with specified userfields in reporting and analytics section.No user entity will be created in your account , this parameter is only for unsecure audience tagging. 
Default Value : null 
Available values : A json formatted text to specify user fields.

externalUser: {
        name: "John",
        surname: "Doe",
        email: "",
        reference: "111-222-333"


: Enables starting your videos from a predefined t. second.
Default Value : null 
Available values : any valid numeric between videos time line in seconds. 

resumeLastPosition : Cinema8 video player stores information about  viewed frames within the video.If your audiences are comming from an authorized place and if you want to keep your audiences within the video from where they left off , you can set this parameter to true.
Default Value : 0 
Available values : 0 - False , 1- True